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We’ll help you find every opportunity to save

Saving on taxes is like money in the bank. It’s an easy concept to understand, but a hard concept to execute because tax laws are always changing. That is why our tax advisors are continually monitoring legislative, regulatory, and precedent-setting developments in tax. 


As regulations change, our tax planning consultants are continually developing new tax strategies and amending existing tax strategies so that your organization and you can take full advantage of opportunities to reduce your tax burden.

All financial decisions have tax implications

Each year Paladin Advisory Services prepares hundreds of tax returns for all types of businesses, trusts, tax-exempt entities, and individuals.


We prepare:


  • Annual income tax returns

  • Provisional tax estimate computations and returns

  • Compensation Commissioner returns

  • VAT, PAYE, UIF and SDL returns

  • IRP5 reconciliations and submissions

  • Other statutory and legislative returns


In addition to our tax compliance services, we also provide tax planning and consulting services because our clients realize whether they decide to work with global suppliers or need to develop a succession plan, it is important that they consider the impact of their decisions on their taxes. 


You will benefit from our vigilance because there are tax implications to almost every financial decision you make. And it is part of our firm philosophy to provide you with the very best advice. 

You can expect us to be proactive when it comes to your tax planning and compliance

You can depend on us to take a proactive approach to your tax planning and compliance needs. Our tax advisors routinely combine their collective industry knowledge and experience so we can offer you exceptional thinking and problem solving. While we always build on our experience from one engagement to the next, we also realize that not every client is the same. Therefore our tax advisors and specialists will invest the time to understand your unique situation. We will become your strategic partner. 


Our dedicated tax advisors will guide you through the complicated tax environment. We will help you develop a comprehensive tax plan that will reduce your tax burden while still ensuring that you comply with all statutory and legislative requirements.

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